GfK TEMAX: Q2 2013 returns to the level of Q2 2011

The Technical Consumer Goods (TCG) market followed the trend set in the first quarter, showing a slight increase of 4.7% in Q2 2013 when compared to the same quarter of 2012. The first six months of the year brought about an increase of 4.3% over the first half of 2012, reaching a value of €699 million

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In Q2 2013, the largest sector was the Telecommunication (Telco) sector, with a total value of €99 million, and it was also the one to generate the most important increase of value, 17%, when compared to Q2 2012. Another notable growth was the one registered by the MDA sector, 4.9% over the same quarter of the last year in terms of value, the first quarter of increase for the sector since 2011. The Photo market which showed a double-digit decrease (-25.5%) along with the Office Equipment (-8.8%) and CE (-5.2%) were the only sectors to record negative growth rates.


Telecommunications: The smartphone segment continues its positive trend


The second quarter of 2013 brought growth for the Telco sector of about 17% compared to the same period of the previous year, the non-subsidized value being estimated at around €99 million.


The smartphone segment was the main driver, while the feature phones market continued to decline.


Small Domestic Appliances: The SDA sector continues on a positive trend


The total sales value of the Small Domestic Appliances categories reached €24 million in Q2 2013, 8.7% above Q2 2012. This positive performance is also reflected in the half year sales, which show a growth rate of 4.7% compared to the same period of the previous year.


Regarding the most important SDA market, vacuum cleaners, both the bagged and bagless types, showed double digit increase rates compared to Q2 2012. Within the shavers category, the main segment, epilators, showed a flat evolution, while the lady laser/IPL segment significantly increased.


The double digit increase rates registered for the hand mixers, hand blenders, liquidizers categories and kitchen machines, brought about a positive performance for food preparation.


Remarkable is the performance of the hot beverage maker’s category, which saw all the important segments, such as the filter coffee machines, fully automatic espresso machines and portioned espresso machines show double digit increase rates in this second quarter.


Major Domestic Appliances: Positive growth rates for the MDA sector


In the second quarter of 2013, the Major Domestic Appliances sector showed a 4.9% growth rate compared to Q2 2012, reaching a total value of €73 million. Comparing the first half of 2013 with the same period of 2012, the sales of MDA categories registered an increase of 1.7%.


The main growth drivers within the MDA market remain the built-in appliances such as ovens and hobs, as well as dishwashers, hoods and freezers which showed double digit increase rates in this second quarter. The total market was also pulled up by the positive developments of the cooling  and washing machine segments, despite registering a decrease in volume. This is due to an upgrade in product features offerings: more than a quarter of the refrigerator’s market value in Q2 2013 came from frost free models and more than a quarter of the washing machines market is made with A++ and A+++ models. Remaining less positive, microwave ovens showed a flat performance and the freestanding cookers category continues on a descending path.


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