|  10.01.2013

Further Changes to the Tax Legislation

The National Tax Administration Agency (“ANAF”) has included a new section on its website referring to the manner in which the Register of entities applying the new VAT system (i.e. VAT shall be charged upon collection of payment) should be consulted.

The Register contains both the taxable entities that have submitted the notifications provided by law and the taxable entities selected by the tax authorities as being eligible for registration ex officio.


According to ANAF instructions, there are three options to consult the Register:

  • online, on ANAF portal (see the address below), by indicating the entity’s tax identification number
  •  offline, by using an application available to users; and
  • downloading the requested information to a standardised format.


The instructions for the manner in which the Register may be accessed and used can be found on the site, in the section Informatii referitoare la reglementarea TVA la încasare [Information referring to VAT chargeable on collection of payment], subsection ,,Modalitati de consultare a Registrului persoanelor impozabile care aplica sistemul TVA la încasare” [Ways of consulting the Register of taxable entities applying the new VAT system] or, directly, accessing the link below:


Monitorul Oficial al Romaniei No 9 of 7 January 2013 has published Order No 1994 of 27 December 2012 of the President of the National Tax Administration Agency approving the model and content of Form 012 - Notificare privind modificarea sistemului anual/trimestrial de declarare si plata a impozitului pe profit [Notification of change in the annual / quarterly profit tax declaration and payment system].


By using Form 012 the taxable entity chooses to either apply or renounce the application of the aforementioned annual profit tax-related system. The Form should be submitted to the competent tax authority by the 31st of January, included, of the fiscal year for which the choice is made, such option being compulsory for at least two consecutive fiscal years.


Monitorul Oficial No 9 of 7 January 2013 has published Order No 1940 of the President of the National

Statistics Institute, Intrastat thresholds for the collection of statistical data on Intra- Community trade in goods in 2013, while Monitorul Oficial No 6 of 4 January 2013 has published Order No 1948 of 19 December 2012 of the same President, approving the rules for filling in the Intrastat Declaration.


One of the major amendments to the aforementioned legislative acts is the change in the 2013 thresholds, such as:

  •  RON 900,000 for Intra-Community dispatches of goods;
  •  RON 500,000 for Intra-Community entries of goods (a significant increase as to the RON 300,000 threshold valid in 2012).


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