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Exploring dual perspectives on top 10 risks and opportunities in 2013 and beyond

Health, safety and the environment remain on top of the oil and gas industry’s agenda, reflecting a climate of zero tolerance for accidents both within the industry and within the stakeholder community.

These areas have always been the top priority for the industry in their own right. Regulation is also increasing in HSE, as well as with regard to bribery, corruption, financial reporting and transparency, creating a strong linkage between HSE and regulatory compliance. This combined area of risk is likely to remain at number one for the foreseeable future.


Global change feeds industry thinking


New risks this year include IT security, as companies realize they need to do more to protect against data theft and skillful an tenacious cyber attacks. Another risk now warranting its own discrete category is increasing project scale and complexity. As mega-projects become more common, the industry’s record for delivering on time and on budget is under increasing scrutiny. Rapid-growth markets are increasingly being seen as the primary drivers of the world’s economic recovery and, therefore, of growth in energy demand. Accordingly, rising emerging market demand has risen three places to rank as the greatest opportunity for 2013.



There are a number of new entrants to the opportunity list, such as new infrastructure to gain access to, or to connect, resources and markets. This opportunity reflects the increasing need for connectivity between remote supply and the demand centers where it is needed. Safety and risk management used as a partnership enabler is another new entrant. There are significant opportunities for companies to identify and include all relevant safety and risk management eventualities in third-party contracts and then proactively manage these terms, as opposed to just reacting to their consequences.


The results of the survey are detailed below with the respondents' views on the current risk and opportunity landscape in 2013 and looking ahead to 2015. A description of the methodology, the geographic makeup of the participants and the organizations that they represent can be found on pages 40 to 42 of this report. As mentioned in the introduction, the risk and opportunity landscape can change very quickly and will vary significantly from company to company. The current and future ranking is, therefore, indicative and should be used as guidance only.


Find the full  English report in the attached pdf document


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