|  02.05.2017

Expertise of international specialists, presented at TeCOMM Bucharest. How do you stay competitive in electronic commerce?

More than 250 ecommerce professionals from both the country and abroad participated in the e-commerce event dedicated to the electronic commerce TeCOMM Bucharest, where they revealed the key elements that helped them to succeed in business.

Business success these days, where online presence is required for all areas, is driven by digital media investment. "The market is evolving towards new business models to survive. Electronic commerce is the key to success in fashion and retail. Industry moves from classic to eCommerce. If you want to remain competitive, you need to invest in the digital environment, "said Carlo Tereni (General Director, Netcomm Suisse), one of the speakers. He spoke on the second day at TeCOMM Bucharest, on April 27, about new business models.


For the complete text please see the romania version here.


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