|  08.02.2013

Ernst & Young releases Entrepreneurs Speak Out – The Barometer of Entrepreneurship Romania 2012

Romanian entrepreneurs lack relevant information about sources of financing, organizations that support entrepreneurship and specific entrepreneurial education and training. Moreover, the negative image of business failure in Romania and, also, the sluggish economic environment are perceived by entrepreneurs as important obstacles.

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These are the conclusions of the first issue of Entrepreneurs Speak Out – the perception barometer of Romanian entrepreneurship, released today at the Romanian Business Leaders Summit.


„Entrepreneurship is the essence of initiative and of market economy. It is the source of leadership, of great family businesses and corporations which have marked people’s lives in recent history. We have designed this project to support and promote successful entrepreneurial businesses and the principles which have made their performance in Romania possible. Entrepreneurs Speak Out is a project that becomes reality through entrepreneurs and for entrepreneurs.” said Bogdan Ion, Country Managing Partner Ernst & Young Romania, in the opening of the Summit in Bucharest.


Entrepreneurs Speak Outbarometer analyzes the perceptions of 95 local entrepreneurs, who answered the Ernst & Young survey between 1 June – 15 August 2012, and those expressed in direct interviews with 12 renowned Romanian entrepreneurs.


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