|  17.11.2017

Diversifying the range of services is the key for growth

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Q: What is the impact of digitalisation on your business?


FB: The trend of digitalisation influences the local market in Romania, with direct impact on the management of fleets and drivers. Operational leasing companies need to be aware of this trend, which is an extra service for the customers as it is an advantage that increases the value of the offer.


More and more companies are using modern technologies and are offering interactive online tools for their customers, from web portals that give fleet managers a real-time view of their fleet, to specifically designed mobile apps to facilitate the activity of vehicle users.


ALD Automotive is well positioned in this sense and the launch of My ALD web portal and mobile application for drivers and fleet managers is just such an example.


Q: Can you give us some prospects of business evolution for your business sector in 2018?


FB: I believe the operational leasing sector in Romania will witness growth on all business levels in the future, from the number of vehicles in the players’ portfolios to the increase of the territorial coverage with regional representatives, not to mention the increase in the number of customers.


The main growth drivers will be the appetite of SMEs for this type of financing, and the growing interest of local and multinational companies for full-service operational leasing. The growth of the automotive market remains an important driver for this sector, which will maintain a moderate upward trend, specific to a market that has already reached a level of maturity.


We can notice certain consumption patterns with our customers, who are frequently looking for specific mobility solutions and pay attention to the needs of vehicle users. They benefit from new car models with modern technologies and extensive mobility benefits such as mobile applications and online reporting solutions.


According to these directions, ALD Automotive will continue offering the appropriate mobility solutions to the companies in our portfolio, beyond the classic services offered by an operating lease provider.

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