|  04.09.2014

Deloitte Central Europe Top 500: Romania Brings Positive Touch Amidst Regional Uncertainty

With 42 companies totaling 43 billion Euro compared to 39 billion Euro in 2013, Romania brings a positive touch to the region’s gloomy outlook marked by uncertainty

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The 8th edition of the Deloitte CE Top 500 report ranks the largest companies in 18 countries of Central and Eastern Europe and Ukraine by revenues reported for the previous year and the most important banks and insurance companies by assets and by gross written premiums. The ranking comprises 500 Top companies, 50 Top banks and 50 Top insurance companies.


Romania has maintained its fifth place in the Deloitte CE Top 500 ranking and had more companies included than the year before. Also the country has 16 companies which improved their rankings in this year’s edition and nine new entries while 29 local companies reported increased revenues as compared to 14 in 2012. The biggest rise up (258 positions) was recorded by Ford Romania which jumped to 170th place.


‟The latest Deloitte CE Top 500 report confirms the economic growth Romania has registered but with the increasingly uncertain geopolitical situation that leaves little room for optimism, companies will have to continue to reinvent themselves through innovation in order to continue on their path to growth,” said Ahmed Hassan, Managing Partner Deloitte Romania. “Many companies will have to focus more on product/services efficiency and talent development to attract the investment they need and develop alternatives to their traditional goods and services. As revealed by the Deloitte CE Corporate R&D Report launched his summer, Romania has the lowest proportion in R&D spending of its GDP in the region and that will have to change for the country to improve competitiveness.”


“Against the CE quite austere landscape, Romania has recorded some positive moves, i.e. more companies growing than declining (29 out of 42) when compared to CE’s flat average, largest growth in absolute terms from 35 to 42 companies included in the ranking and the biggest jump in the ranking by 258 positions recorded by Ford Romania. “They are all encouraging signs and proof of the continuous growing capacity of Romania, whose economic performance has not yet matched its potential in size and population,” added George Mucibabici, Chairman&Public Sector Leader Deloitte.


Just like the previous year, Energy&Resources has remained the industry which contributed most to the country’s ranking with total revenues of 19.1 billion Euro followed by Consumer Business and Transportation with 12.1 billion Euro, Manufacturing with 8.1 billion Euro and Technology, Media and Telecommunication with 2.3 billion Euro.


"Energy remains an exciting but challenging sector for most CE economies including Romania", said Farrukh Khan, Audit Partner and Leader of CE Energy & Resources Industry Group in Deloitte. "While it is challenging in the medium term, the long-term outlook points towards increased but focused investment activity in the Energy sector. The role of policy makers is essential, particularly in ensuring a balance between the need to attract investment to the sector, address decarbonisation requirements, meet efficiency targets and ensure affordability."


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