|  16.01.2015

Consumers go mobile in CEE

The year of mobile has been announced each and every year since 2012, but market professionals seem to agree that 2014 is finally the year when mobile truly becomes a mainstream marketing solution

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According to the latest IAB Europe AdEx Benchmark report, the definitive guide to the state of the European online advertising market, there was a breakthrough in mobile advertising already in 2013. Mobile was neither only a part of advertisers' experimental budgets, nor an afterthought to a digital campaign. Mobile advertising spend continued to grow dynamically in most investigated markets. Mobile display advertising was also the main factor influencing the growth of online display advertising. It grew by 14.9% in total, but would only have increased by 1.1% without the contribution of mobile.

Despite the dynamic growth, mobile ad spend constitutes a small share of total online budgets
However, when we look more closely at the numbers, the reality does not reflect the industry's enthusiastic approach. Close scrutiny of the top 3 European spenders on mobile advertising shows that mobile advertising is becoming a reality only in United Kingdom, where a quarter of online display ad spend is allocated to mobile. In France and Germany, it constituted only 9.2% and 4.9% of total online display ad spend, respectively (see Figure 1).



The situation in countries of the Central and Eastern Europe is very similar. The dynamics of growth in many countries, such as Romania (244.9%), Serbia (153.3%), Hungary (126.1%) and Poland (110.6%), is still very high, yet mobile ad spend constitutes a small part of total online budgets (see Figure 2).




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