|  17.11.2017

Cloud adoption is on high speed

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Q: Arguably, in Romania, in 2017 we witnessed a work force crisis. How were you able to retain your employees and what are the criteria for selecting new ones, as long as the demand for new employees in IT companies leads by one third of the total jobs requested at job fairs?


Victor Maghiari: Gone are the days of enticing job-seekers with a good salary alone. People still want to be paid fairly, but they also want to work for a company that shares their values and has a reputation for putting its people first. A strong employer brand has become the ultimate recruitment tool. In this respect, we are doing very good, Oracle is continously placed on the top of the „Most wanted employer’s list” in Romania.


It is due to the strong training and development opportunites, available carrier path, a friendly company culture and many more. And this good reputation helps us a lot on the highly competitive market seeking for new talents.


Q: If you were to go back 20 years, what would be your statement on ‘’Romania - then and now’’?


Victor Maghiari: Well, 20 years ago I’ve considered Romania at a turning point. The energies of our people started to explode and the interest, willingness and eagerness toward the innovative technologies and global trends became visible in almost all the industries.


At that time, I’ve considered that I have to play a role in this effervescence and I’ve joined Oracle Corporation. I’m still excited about the perspectives, I’m still proud to be an active participant of this fantastic change!

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