|  17.11.2017

Cloud adoption is on high speed

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Q: Security threats are a rising issue in enterprise IT. There are always new attacks, a security breach can shake or even destroy a company. What is Oracle’s plan to do around this topic?


Victor Maghiari: Yes, IT threats are a key issue, existing approaches to security and management are no longer sufficient. It has been a key topic during the recent Oracle Open World conference where we announced the industry’s first cloud-based intelligent security and management suite. The new machine learning powered security capabilities will help enterprises forecast, reduce, detect, and resolve cybersecurity threats and assist in efforts to remediate application and infrastructure performance issues.


As Larry Ellison pointed out: “We have to reprioritize and re-think about how we defend our information. We need new systems. We need purpose-built machine learning that can be used by security and operations professionals, not data scientists. We need automated remediation that does not require human effort. And that’s what we’ve built with Oracle Management Cloud.”


Q: What kind of new features are going to be available within Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud, Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud, Oracle Chain Management Cloud and the new Oracle Customer Experience Cloud?


Victor Maghiari: Oracle recently announced new artificial intelligence-based apps for finance, human resources, supply chain, manufacturing, commerce, customer service, marketing, and sales professionals.


The new Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Apps are built into the existing Oracle Cloud Applications to deliver the industry’s most powerful AI-based modern business applications.


The new Adaptive Intelligent Apps enable business users from across the organizations to quickly and easily take advantage of the latest advancements in artificial intelligence. These capabilities make the decision-making process simpler and more efficient for business professionals across the organization.


Q: Oracle is present on the market for many decades. What would you consider the most important criteria of choice for your customers during the years?


Victor Maghiari: Well, I think our customers appreciate the continuous innovation from Oracle. Oracle is investing in R&D more than 6 billion per year and we continue to innovate for our customers. At Oracle Open World 2017, Thomas Kurian, Oracle president of product development, showcased game-changing new services and enhancements across the Oracle Cloud Platform. Providing customers a unique advantage, Oracle is the only cloud provider to deliver a complete cloud portfolio, spanning Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Data as a Service (DaaS). With deep product knowledge, integration, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) built into every layer of the stack, customers can speed innovation with unmatched choice, cost and performance.


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