|  17.11.2017

Cloud adoption is on high speed

MCR Interview: Victor Maghiari, Oracle Digital Director, Central Europe

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Q: Oracle has always been a giant software vendor and not only, seeming like it did a promise to its customers: whatever our competition does, we do it better. In this respect, how was 2017 for your company and what are your expectations for 2018?


Victor Maghiari: In the recent years Oracle strives to be the fastest growing scaled cloud company in the world. When looking at this in numbers, we can point out that Oracle generated non-GAAP $4.7B in cloud revenue in FY17, total cloud revenue was up 51 percent in FY18 Q1 to $1.5 billion. Oracle Cloud delivers over 1,000 SaaS applications and 50 enterprise-class PaaS and IaaS services to customers around the world, supporting 60+ billion transactions each day. Oracle has more than 28,000 PaaS and IaaS customers across 50+ services, 5,000 Fusion ERP customers, plus 12,000 NetSuite ERP customers in the Oracle Cloud. That’s 30 times more ERP customers than Workday.


Q: Oracle CEO has recently made a prediction: by 2025, 80% of the companies’ IT budgets are going to be invested in cloud services, while 80% of the productivity applications are going to rely on cloud. How does the picture look now in Romania in terms of cloud services?


Victor Maghiari: Romania is a country fully connected to the world tendencies. We have one of the fastest Internet connections in the world and we have very talented IT professionals and business people. The business agility and the request for around the clock availability become more and more a must.


Companies understood that cloud is not only the most reliable, affordable, modern and efficient way to make their business, but also the next generation business direction and therefore Cloud adoption is on the high speed.


Q: What can you tell us about Oracle’s new Cloud Database that uses machine learning to enable automation and eliminates human labor, human error and manual tuning? Should your competitors ‘’lose sleep’?


Victor Maghiari: It’s a revolutionary innovation. We’ve introduced the Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud, the world’s first 100 percent self-driving autonomous database.


With total automation based on machine learning, Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud eliminates the human labor required to manage a database by enabling a database to automatically upgrade, patch and tune itself while running. With no more scope for human error or requirements for human performance testing, Oracle is able to minimize costly planned and unplanned downtime to less than 30 minutes a year and guarantee 99.995 percent availability.


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