|  10.07.2013

Changes to the legal provisions regarding placement and authorizations of means of advertising

Monitorul Oficial al României, Part I, No 405 / 5 July 2013 has published Law No 185 / 2013, regarding placement and authorisation of means of advertising

Law 185 establishes the legal framework for the placement of means of advertising in various areas, inclusive of public roads in Romania, being applicable to central and local public administration authorities as well as to all natural and legal entities involved in advertising.

This Law regulates particularly the following:

methodology for the approval of works necessary for the placement of means of advertising;

  • establishment of advertising areas;
  • placement of the means of advertising;
  • types of advertising:
    • display of signs
    • placement of advertising boards and panels, as well as of advertising LED screens and digital signage
    • placement of mobile ad panels
    • use of urban furniture as advertising support
    • placement of advertising banners
    • placement of advertising meshes
    • placement of advertising sign vectors
    • temporary advertising and special advertising projects
    • placement of posters and advertisements
    • advertising on vehicles and means of public transport;
  • penalties applicable for failure to observe the provisions of Law 185, that may amount to a maximum of RON 50,000 RON, to which other penalties may add for the infringement of the legal provisions regarding authorisation of  construction, urban development and physical planning.

According to Law 185, procedures for public auction of advertising sites shall commence within 30 days of the date
on which such sites have been identified on the public and private domain of local authorities, following the
measures to be undertaken on the strength of Art.54 of this Law.

The means of advertising authorised until Law 185 has come into full force and effect may be maintained on the
authorised sites until the expiry date of the ongoing advertising contracts, but not later than 1 January 2014,
provided that certain conditions are met.

Law 185 becomes effective as of this 8th day of July 2013.


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