|  14.10.2016

Car fleet study by business lease: Women Prefer Compact Cars and SUVs

Business Lease, one of the leading providers of mobility services and operational lease in Romania, launches its second local study based on its managed car fleet out of which 65% are used in Bucharest and the other 35% in the rest of the country.

According to this survey, 75% of the drivers are men and 25% are women.

Differences in types of cars

Almost equally, 90% of men and 91% of women drive cars from the compact class (hatchback, station wagon or sedan) and only 10% of men and 9% of women drive SUVs. However, on a preference level, women choose compacts and SUVs, while men turn to models from the limousine class (full-size sedans and luxury sedans). Nevertheless, the area in which you can really see differences between the types of cars driven is on a hierarchical level, meaning that those from top management go for premium vehicles, while the other employees drive standard models.

So far nothing surprising but it’s important to underline that the approach in purchasing a car is particular for each company, depending on its purpose, usability and whether or not an internal fleet management department exists.

“There are several categories of clients, from companies with a well-defined car policy, with clear characteristics on a hierarchical scale, classifying the cars by brand, model, engine, budget, time of use and turnover, to companies that make acquisitions depending on the opportunities on the market at the time of purchase. In addition, there are also companies that buy cars based on the image which results after the association with a brand”, states Philip Aarsman, the Managing Director Business Lease Romania.

Safe driving, important for women

The Business Lease study shows that, even in business, women do not overlook the importance of safe driving, asking most of the time for additional airbags. Other features that the ladies insist on having on their cars are: automatic gearbox, heated seats, fog lights, climate control and navigation. Men are more technical, preferring a car with a powerful engine and a better audio system. Surprisingly, though, men are the ones who have preferences regarding the color of the car.
Regarding the acquisition of the cars, Business Lease’s clients fall into three categories: user chooser (5%), car basket (50%) and car policy (45%). Those who are user chooser have the liberty of selecting any model, within a set budget, those who adopt the car basket model may pick only certain models, depending on seniority, and the clients with car policy can purchase only cars with well-established features.


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