|  17.11.2017

ALCONOR Company early 20 years of effervescent experience

MCR Interview: Norbert Varga, CEO Alconor Company

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Q: How was 2017 for Alconor and what are the perspectives for 2018? Did the market meet your expectations?


Norbert Varga: It has been an exceptional year for Alconor, even better than the year before, when we registered an above average performance, and the perspectives for 2018 are yet more encouraging regarding the consumer market. In my opinion, growth will only be registered by those companies that will manage to adapt their technologies in order to increase productivity, and also by those who will pay more attention to developing new products to the same extent as business development.


The market has also exceeded our expectations this year, which can only be a good thing for us!


Q: How was the refreshment drinks market in 2017? Do you see any change in terms of consuming habits?


Norbert Varga: As I said, we are proud to maintain an ascending trend of growth and this year the market was in accordance with our expectations. There have been consumption increases in almost all our segments of products: bottled water, soft and energy drinks. It is well known that the bottled water and soft drinks market registers “a boom” in the summer, in June, July and August, when the demand rises far above average. We hope that all our sustained efforts were not in vain and we were able to fully satisfy our clients.


In Romania, the greatest weight in refreshments consumption is still represented by carbonated beverages. The market offer is increasingly more diversified every year, so that the consumer can have the opportunity to try different product ranges. I believe that consuming habits are shaping every year, as long as alternatives are being offered.


Q: What was the main trigger of Alconor’s activity in 2017? What do you hope to happen in 2018 and what do you not want to happen?


Norbert Varga: The new projects and the opportunities that arose from them were Alconor’s main trigger this year. I am used to setting targets slightly higher than the real ones. I think that optimism is not something that one can learn in school, but is in our nature and it is very important not to divert from your dreams.


I hope that in 2018 priority will be given to the measures that can really stimulate the economy, leading to higher incomes, and not the opposite.


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