|  13.02.2013

A vision for growth - Business outlook survey

At the beginning of the year, Romanian companies seem more confident in their own growth than in the growth of their industry

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25% of the business leaders in Romania are very confident and 40% are relatively confident that their companies will grow in 2013. However, they are less optimistic regarding the growth of the industry they are active in – only 4% being very confident in this evolution. In terms of turnover, 51% expect a moderate growth rate in 2013, of 5% -10% - according to the findings of the Business Outlook Survey, A vision for growth, published today by Ernst & Young. Profit growth estimates are also positive – 37% expect to have an increase of 5% -10%, while 22% expect a double-digit profit growth of up to 20%. Only 9% of respondents are very optimistic, counting on a 20% -30% profit increase.


The Ernst & Young study is based on a survey conducted between 21 January and 5 February this year. The report assesses the answers of 105 top local executives, outlining their outlook on the business environment in Romania for 2013



"Although 2013 appears to be a challenging year in many respects, many companies responded to our survey saying that they expect to grow."says Bogdan Ion, Country Managing Partner at Ernst & Young Romania.


A focus on increasing productivity

30% of businessman surveyed said they resorted to cost reductions in order to cope with the pressures imposed by the economic crisis in the local business environment in 2012, while 28% focused on increasing productivity.


While low costs are still considered an important factor in a company's market competitiveness, the attention of the local business community is focused on a new factor in 2013, according to the answers of 31% of respondents. Thus, over 39% of respondents expect the main competitive battle to be on building brand awareness and increasing brand trust.


Should the market continue to have a weak trend in the next 12 months, or even regress, 76% of respondents say they intend to remain on the market until it stabilizes. 46% of respondents stated that they are ready to face challenges in 2013 through innovative business approaches, while 15% intend to strengthen their market position through mergers and acquisitions.


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