A premiere for Romania: more than 4 tons of wheat per hectares in 2016; the total production is over 8.4 million tons

According to AGERPRES, the Romanian wheat production has increased this year by 7% compared to 2015 to 8.413 million tons, registering an average of over 4 tons per hectare, while the rape production was 1.266 million tons.

"The crops harvested so far have not been affected by drought and if we go by what producers say, the southern part of the country even had too much rain in the spring. This year  2.075 million hectares with wheat and rye were cultivated and resulted in an average production of 4.054 kg per hectares, for a total of 8.41 million tons of wheat, up from 7.85 million tons in 2015" , said the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Achim Irimescu.


For more information, please see the Romanian version of the article, here.


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